Thursday, September 11, 2014

I guess I should keep up with this better...


so many years i looked up at you
and i carried my love by your throne
i was crawling at your feet
regardless of my needs
i served the black queen

too many times i came back to you
in naive hope that things would change
i was wounded and in grief
and you left me here to bleed

to serve the one that makes me hate myself

to serve the one that makes me to bleed
to satisfy your lust for more
to serve the queen and take the fall
i gave it all
to satisfy your neverending lust for more
to serve your majesty's wicked soul
i burn, i suffer and you take it all
with a smile on your face

few are them - good things you have done
your fate - defined it by your hate
and your lack of remorse

love in this hate
hate in this love i feel
thats how you taught me to be
i want to feel
your pain
your misery

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