Tuesday, December 1, 2015

silly little dick white boy...

So this silly little dick white boy contacts me and pledges his undying loyalty...

He's soon to be brainwashed to say: "each time i serve , i love you more and ... "

For now, he has an extensive assignment that involves obtaining some sissy clothes...but for tonight he's wearing...wait for it: Drumroll please....

His wifes' stuff! However this bitch doesn't have any lipstick in the house...we may have to go on a lipstick run!
,br> what bitch doesn't have lipstick in her house?!?!?!?


From: curiouscowboy

Subject: Please train me

Date: Dec 01, 2015 04:12

to say "i love you more "..

.. i'm and older married gentleman that wants to be humilisted by you..my fantasy is for you to pick out items for me to purchase at Target / Walmart and go and get them .. then take pics and send to you for posting .. etc..

... i want ot be your long term internet sissy.. use me.. please..

.. make me your slave..

... shh , dont tell the wife.